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X-TREME BIKES is a family owned and operated business with a passion for motorcycles and the lifestyle that comes with them. Because our business is based on Passion, we put a large emphasis on quality and customer service. that commitment is what has built the reputation that we have today.

We focus on preservation, primarily selling Products that are designed to prolong the life of the motorcycle and improve the comfort of the rider. We only sell products that offer the same commitment to quality that we have. Companies that will stand behind their product and provide exceptional customer service as well.

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Since 2009

Our roots began in the Orlando area and we eventually grew in to one of the largest independently owned motorcycle shops in central FL.

In 2009 we began working Bike Week and Biketoberfest in Daytona beach. We enjoyed working the rallies so much we decided to shift our business model and work more rallies. After a few years we were full-time on the motorcycle rally circuit.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Chris Dodd says:

    I am one of your subscribers and look forward to your motorcycle and personal activities back in North Carolina and bike events I want to put Love Jugs on my 2022 HD Triglide. Can you help me get the set I would like. Want the polished stainless version. I live in Birmingham, AL Not too far from you.
    I was hoping to catch you if you were driving through Birmingham on your way home. Anyway, if i have to wait until Daytona 2023 that is what i
    will do. Keep up the good work and videos coming during the off season. Thank you!

  2. Tim Reinhard says:

    Hi Adam, When you’re home from the rallys for the season do you anticipate having any love jug inventory left? I’m looking for a set of chrome cool masters, a water cooled frame mount kit and the wiring adaptor for a 2016 tri-glide. Last time I tried buying from you there were inventory issues as well as me getting lost in the shipping/fulfillment area. anyway if you could let me know as unfortunately I’m near chicago and can’t make the trips to the rallies to get them directly from you there. thanks adam

    • Adam Halstead says:

      We did bring inventory home. Everything is on the website that we have available at the moment.If you have any issues with ordering please let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

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