Let’s Roll Package Deal



About this item
• 1 Person Operation — “Perfect for domestic harmony”
• Proprietary Design for 1-person, 2-minute Setup
• Small Footprint
• No additional hidden fee for repair kits, velcro or tie-downs
• Our original Zero-scuff™ 4” urethane wheel design
• No hydraulic system, which means no leaks, stains, or clean-up
• Dolly and Lift Made in the USA
• Every shipment comes with your Certificate of Authenticity and our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
• Super easy to move and doesn’t get hung up on concrete seams
• Bike tires are off the ground and the weight is off the suspension
• The bike is upright, resting on the frame, not the kickstand
• No hydraulic leaks and no ball-bearings.
• No tie-downs required to secure your motorcycle.
• Two casters have brakes already installed. There are ball-bearings on the casters.
• Lift comes standard with felt on the bottom to protect your painted or epoxy floor and your lift from being marred.

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