FRAME MOUNTING KIT (Harley-Davidson®)


    Now that you’ve picked your favorite Love Jugs to cool off that hot Harley you may want to consider protecting it from vibration. The Frame Mounting Kit (FMK) was specifically designed to change the mounting location to the frame instead of directly to the engine. This stabilizes the mounting and reduces the vibration by over 90%, ensuring that your Love Jugs will last a long long time. The FMK will only work on 2008 through 2016 touring models and is highly recommended on those models.

    The FMK will not work on 2014 through 2016 Rushmore models with liquid cooled heads. Please see Water Cooled Frame Mounting Kit (WCFMK).

    The FMK will not work on any Dyna, Softail or Sportster models.


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