Lithium LiFePO4 30L-BS Sealed Starter Motorcycle Battery

Original price was: $375.50.Current price is: $299.95.

It’s Not a Battery, it’s a Banshee, 70% lighter than AGM, 2X’s Cranking Power CCA, 3X’s Service Life. 2 year Warranty.
These new advanced LIFEPO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate Banshee batteries are amazing. Everything about them is new, Lighter, More Powerful,
Longer Life, Green Footprint.


Lithium Ion 30L-BS Sealed Starter Battery

2 Year Warranty | Free Shipping To US Inner 48

Polarity: – / +

Voltage: 12.8

Capacity: 22Ah

Cranking Amps: 680

L – 6.5 | W – 4.9 | H – 6.9

Weight: 6.3 lbs (Compared to most 30L-BS batteries which can weigh up to 25 lbs)

Features: Extreme Light Weight • Flush Terminals • Built-In Voltage Meter


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